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Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory - Weston Ochse Weston Ochse offers up a new kind of apocalypse in Blaze of Glory. Unlike the usual zombies or natural disaster, the downfall of humanity is the result of little critters that resemble maggots, along with their cousins that are the size of Cadillacs and destroy everything in their path. The little guys burrow into people and multiply, eventually killing their human host. Their weakness? Salt. It’s a good thing we have oceans, something that our survivors, located in North Carolina, come to realize just might be the path of their salvation. Buckley and the others are holed up in a restaurant, but realize they are facing a losing battle against the maggots. This leads to a mad dash to the nearby ocean, which seems like a million miles away as they have to get through both the little and the big critters.

Blaze of Glory is a fun, fast-paced novel. The grim scenario is painted out well and the atmosphere created really fits the story. Although I have a general fatigue with end of the world type novels, since I seem to be reading many of them lately, this was a different type of disaster and a more localized scenario without an extensive story about the survival of a group, and instead fixating on accomplishing one singular goal. I liked the focus of the novel. The characters were a bit rough around the edges and not always likeable, but remained intent on accomplishing their goals. This was an enjoyable novel that I would recommend reading.

Carl Alves - author of Reconquest: Mother Earth