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The Bone Vault

The Bone Vault - Linda Fairstein The setting for the murder that is at the center of The Bone Vault takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Alexandra Cooper is investigating the murder of a woman who used to work there. She was working on a modern bestiary that was a joint venture between the Met and American Museum of Natural History. Cooper finds the murder victim in a sarcophagus intended for an Egyptian princess. Setting plays a key role in this novel as much of the investigation takes place at the respective museums as the investigation reveals that the victim was involved in bringing back old remains to the land in which it originated.

I feel mostly ambivalent about this novel. The setting definitely adds to the novel. It’s a mixture of high culture, high society, and big-game hunters. It was not the typical scene for a murder mystery. Much of the plot is convoluted and kind of meanders. The killer is not set up very well. When the reveal happens, I didn’t have a reaction that was “oh, that makes sense.” It was more like, “Really?” In the end, this wasn’t a bad novel, it was more of a mediocre one. There was nothing exceptional about it, but it was a solid read.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street