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Feed - Mira Grant Feed takes place in the year 2039, 25 years after the zombie outbreak that occurred in 2014. In this novel, the characters are not facing a full on apocalypse. Despite the presence of zombies, much of society is intact. There are fully-operating restaurants, blogs, and even a presidential campaign. Georgia and Shaun Mason are a brother and sister duo who run a blog and have been chosen to cover the presidential campaign of Senator Ryman. Georgia is a straight news reporter while Shaun does crazy stunts to provoke the zombies. While on the campaign trail, someone is trying to make sure that they don’t make it out alive, starting by creating a zombie outbreak at a campaign stop in Oklahoma, and then later at the Senator’s ranch in Wisconsin. Meanwhile Georgia and Shaun are on the verge of uncovering a conspiracy, which makes them the target of these attacks.

Feed was a very enjoyable novel in many ways. With so many zombie novels and shows out there, this one stood above the pack. For one thing, the world created here isn’t fully apocalyptic, which is an interesting change of pace. I liked the level of detail put into how the Mason’s blog operates, along with many of the rules created. In general, the world building in this novel is thought provoking. The characters are multi-dimensional and interesting. The action has a slow build to it, heating up by the end of the novel. The one criticism that I have is that the big conspiracy suffers from believability issues and could be explained better. This is a cool novel; one you’ll want to check out.

Carl Alves - author of Reconquest: Mother Earth