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Bloodroom - Naima Haviland In Bloodroom, Julian Mouret is a powerful vampire who is required by the laws that bind vampires to kill Natalie, a ballerina, because she saw his true vampiric nature. The only problem is that Julian has fallen madly in love with Natalie. Even though he knows what he must do, he can’t get himself to kill his beloved as they start to develop a physical relationship. Meanwhile, as Natalie’s memory of the events leading up to this situation start to clarify, she starts to suspect something isn’t quite right with Julian. To make matters worse, one of her ballet partners is being visited/attacked by one of the vampires in Julian’s brood, and another goes missing.

Bloodroom presents some interesting elements in vampiric lore. One of them is the room that gives this novel its title, which is a room of people being cocooned by spiders, which allow the vampires to feed upon them. It was an interesting concept that I had not seen before. I’m not sure that the logistics would completely work in terms of secrecy and other aspects, but I applaud the author’s originality. Setting plays a big part in this novel, and I think the author really incorporates the setting well, creating atmosphere and soaking it into the fabric of the story. The characters were compelling. The parts that I thought could have used some work is that beyond the relationship between Julian and Natalie, the plot is a little thin, and the chase between the two main characters got a bit repetitive in spots. Otherwise, this was an enjoyable vampire novel that fans of paranormal romance will enjoy.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street