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The Brotherhood Of The Rose

The Brotherhood Of The Rose - David Morrell In The Brotherhood of the Rose, two orphans, Chris and Saul, were raised in an orphanage in Philadelphia until Eliot, their mentor and father figure took them in as adopted sons. From an early age, he trained them to be his personal assassins. After things go awry, he is now trying to have them killed.

This thriller is loaded with action and takes place at a very fast pace, making the reading of the novel enjoyable. Chris and Saul are well-developed characters. I also enjoyed the concept of the novel about boys who were raised to be assassins, and operate together so well that they are almost like a single entity. The novel has its down points. There are significant logic and believability issues that can be hard to overcome at times. All the same, the action and thrilling nature of the novel make it well worth reading.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street