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Feast Day of Fools

Feast Day of Fools - James Lee Burke In Feast Day of Fools, an alcoholic ex-boxer comes to Sherriff Hackberry Holland telling him that he witnessed a man being tortured. This leads him into an investigation involving a man who is harboring secret drone technology, a serial killer who Hackberry thought was dead, a woman who harbors illegal aliens who has a very shady past, a corrupt politician, and a Russian gangster who is trying to gain access to the drone technology.

This novel is basically one big mess. For one thing, it is overly long and the author seems more interested in impressing the reader with his command of prose that telling a good story. The characters are a big mish-mash that lack believability or likeability. Perhaps the worst character is the serial killer, Jack Collins, who comes off like a clown, and it becomes hard to believe that he is capable of doing the things that he does. It is also never explained how he comes to harbor the man with the drone plan secrets. This was a hard novel to get through. I can’t really find any reason to recommend reading it since I didn’t find anything enjoyable about it. As I was working through it, I just wanted the novel to be over, and therefore I recommend skipping this novel.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street