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Icon - Frederick Forsyth In Icon, Russian fascist Igor Komarov is cruising to an apparent victory in the Russian presidential elections. At Komarov’s party headquarters, an elderly janitor finds a secret document that is a blueprint detailing Komarov’s plans to bring Russia back to being a dictatorship, military expansion, and ethnic cleansing. While the British and American governments are reluctant to do anything to stop Komarov, former British secret service chief Sir Nigel Irvine begins a covert operation, using former CIA agent Jason Monk as his point person.

This is a solidly written thriller, on par if not better than many offerings by Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. There is a sufficient amount of action and intrigue. There are some definite believability issues associated with this novel and some plot holes, but overall it was an entertaining read.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street