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The Faceless One

The Faceless One - Mark Onspaugh The Faceless One is a horror novel that is steeped in Native American legend, most of it surrounding old gods, one of which is The Faceless One, an evil entity that is seeking a human to enter the world and wreak havoc and destruction. When Jimmy Kalamaku was a boy he had an encounter with the Faceless One. Now that he is an old man, he is being called by the Raven, a trickster god who has humanity's best interest in his heart, to defeat the Faceless One. The mask that was holding this ancient deity was found in a geological expedition. It is up to Jimmy, his friend George from his retirement home, Stan Roberts, a New York detective who falls captive to the Faceless One, and the family of the archaeologist who uncovered the mask to defeat him and send him permanently into remission.

In Mark Onspaugh's debut novel, he showed the skills and talents of a seasoned veteran. He did a good of creating mood, starting with the setting of a small village in Alaska. I don't often read much fiction centered around Native American mythos, so this was a refreshing trope. There was some good horrific stuff in this novel, although most of the violence happens off screen, so even the squeamish shouldn't have a problem reading this. The characters were strong and well-developed. My only complaint was that there were some slow spots in the novel. All in all this was a delightful horror novel that I would recommend reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street