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A Bad Day For Voodoo

A Bad Day For Voodoo - Jeff Strand A Bad Day for Voodoo is an absolute masterpiece. Having already read Jeff Strand in the past, I was already a fan, but this surpassed anything I have ever read from him. The story mostly takes place in one day, a very bad day for Tyler, a teen living in Florida. It starts off with one innocuous decision when his best friend gets a voodoo doll of their teacher Mr. Click. When Tyler sticks a pin in the doll's legs, Mr. Click's legs fly apart and start gushing blood. As if that wasn't bad enough, Tyler's friend in a fit of panic gets a voodoo doll of him. From that point forward, more bad decisions are made and hilarity ensues as they have to keep Tyler's doll safe (something that's not as easy as it may seem). Along with Tyler's girlfriend, they come across a gang of thugs, a family that's a cross between the Leave it to Beaver family and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family, a zombie, and a slightly deranged taxi driver in order to reverse the curse.

After reading this novel I have to conclude that Jeff Strand is a genius; not in a Albert Einstein or even Bill Nye the Science Guy way, but a genius nonetheless. He is the best author I've ever read in terms of blending horror and humor together. In fact, A Bad Day for Voodoo is the funniest novel I've ever read. It was a fast paced novel that I breezed through. There were elements of the book such as a letter written by the editor because a chapter got lost or what the scene would have read like if it was dramatized that ordinarily I would consider gimmicky, but Strand made them work flawlessly. This was an enjoyable novel that I devoured. I highly recommend reading it. This novel will make your day.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street