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Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz The best thing about Odd Thomas is the title character Odd Thomas. Koontz managed to create a compelling character. Obviously he thought so since he went to write a series of books based on his title character. Odd, just an ordinary fry cook, has extraordinary powers. He can communicate with the dead and see supernatural things that normal people can't. In the first installation in the series, Odd is seeing a slew of bodachs in his town. Bodachs are passively malevolent creatures who gather where a great tragedy is about to occur in. This puts Odd on alert as he and his girlfriend try to figure out what nefarious deeds are going to take place in their small California town.

I enjoyed the first person narration style that Koontz used in this novel. The pace is very mellow and the prose is almost soothing at times. This all makes for a pleasant read. The plot in this novel left a little to be desired. There were various logic gaps and plot holes that made it tough sledding at times. By and large I would recommend this novel. Even if it's not overly deep it still was enjoyable.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street