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Eclipse - Richard North Patterson In Eclipse, Damon Pierce is an Irish lawyer, who despite success that he has experienced in his career, seems to be drifting listlessly. That changes when he gets a frantic message from Marissa Okari, an old friend of his who he had a romantic interest in that never materialized. Marissa is living in a fictional African country with her husband Bobby, who is protesting against his country’s government as well as Petro Global, a large oil conglomerate. Bobby has been arrested and is scheduled to be executed unless Damon can perform some heroics and save the day. This leads Damon to Africa where he uncovers layers of conspiracies.

For me this novel was a mixed bag. I didn’t appreciate the heavy-handed approach the author used to tell his story. If I wanted to be inundated with political opinion I would watch a cable news show and watch the talking heads. This isn’t what I want in my fiction. Furthermore, the facts that Patterson extols don’t hold up over time. He’s dead wrong on many of his suppositions, which really hurts his credibility. For those reasons, I couldn’t really get into this novel. On the plus side, I thought the characters were fairly well-developed. I also thought there was sufficient tension in the novel and a reasonable ending. In the end, this is just an okay novel. I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it.

Carl Alves – author of Reconquest: Mother Earth