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The Glorious Cause

The Glorious Cause - Jeff Shaara The Glorious Cause is a very well written and often times epic in scope novel about the Revolutionary War. It mostly uses the point of view of the major people involved in the war, primarily through the eyes of George Washington, who is more or less the central character of the novel. Shaara really goes through great pains to show the struggles that the Colonialists had to go through before things finally turned around. They had to show amazing resiliency overcoming horrible situations. It’s one thing to know the history of what happened from a class or a textbook, but this novel makes it come alive. Of all the characters in the novel, George Washington is the one that really stands out with his inner strength and refusal to fail. The prose is strong and the voice that the author uses fits the narrative and the times. Although a bit long-winded this is a strong novel that I would recommend.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street