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The Messenger

The Messenger - Daniel Silva In The Messenger Israeli spymaster Gabriel Allon finds himself in the middle of a plot by a terrorist targeting an attack on the Vatican, specifically aimed at Pope Paul VII and his top aide Monsignor Luigi Donati. Gabriel has to infiltrate the terrorist group and enlists the aid of American art expert Sarah Bancroft. Gabriel vows to protect her as she embarks on a deadly mission to stop the terrorists. When things go awry, Sarah faces torture and death, and Gabriel must save her.

This novel is a very well written and well plotted thriller. Silva lays his story out in a logical manner. The novel doesn’t suffer from the same lack of believability that many other thrillers suffer from. In addition Gabriel Allon is a believable and likeable character. Even the villains are pretty well drawn out, which is an impressive feat when dealing with terrorist characters. This is strong thriller that I highly recommend.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street