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The Last Patriot

The Last Patriot - Brad Thor In The Last Patriot, former Navy SEAL turned Homeland Security operative, Scott Harvath is in a race to uncover a deep secret that he feels will stop terrorism. In a storyline that will undoubtedly infuriate Muslims around the world, the story goes from Mecca in the seventh century to the early days of the United States when Thomas Jefferson was the minister to France, then to modern day where radical Islamists are hell bent on stopping him.

There is a good deal of action and this is a fun read. Harvath is an interesting character, more relatable than some others that I’ve read in similar books. I also enjoyed the overall premise. The author made the stakes high. The biggest issue was that the novel suffered a serious lack of believability. It was hard to reconcile some of the outrageous things the novel had to offer. The prose was solid but unspectacular as well. A very solid novel but not a great one.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street