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The Snow Garden

The Snow Garden - Christopher  Rice, James Daniels I had the misfortune of reading this dreadful novel. It was one of the few novels that is so bad that I couldn’t finish reading it. Set in Atherton University, the two main characters are freshmen Kathryn and Randall. Like three quarters of the characters in this poor excuse for a mystery novel, Randall is gay. The fact that just about every character in the novel is either gay or has gay tendencies, makes it kind of lose any significance. To make matters worse, even though there is sort of a mystery with a possible homicide of a professor’s wife, the novel is really about the sexual relationships of the characters in the story. Everything else is in this novel is filler.

The characters in this novel are poorly drawn, to be kind. They are so dripping with teen angst and so self-absorbed, that they could have been taken from the cast of Twilight. There isn’t a single character that I found the least bit interesting. The writing style is such that it seems as if Christopher Rice is trying to wow the readers with his prose rather than tell a compelling story. There was a not a single thing that I found redeemable about this novel. This is one I strongly recommend skipping for your own sanity.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street