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Tropic of Night

Tropic of Night - Michael Gruber The Tropic of Night starts off with a bang as Jane Doe, an anthropologist, kills a woman and rescues an abused child, who she then raises as her own. The story moves all over the globe from Miami to New York to Africa. She marries a poet and playwright. When she goes with her husband to Nigeria, where he is looking to reconnect with his roots, they visit a tribe of spiritual ritualists where he falls under the influence of a witch and becomes a sorcerer. Fearing for her life, Jane fakes suicide, changes her identity and moves to Miami fearful that her husband will try to find and kill her. Her husband comes to the US trying to spread terror into white America where he murders pregnant women and steals their babies to use in a ritual that will give him unlimited power. She brings together a band of people to fight off her husband.

I found this to certainly be an interesting novel. It teeters from being a mainstream thriller to being a supernatural horror. Part of the problem was that it didn't always know what it wanted to be. One thing is certain is that it was sufficiently dark for my liking. There were some believability and plot issues that held it back from being a great novel instead of one that was merely good and interesting to read. All in all, it was a mixed bag, but I would still recommend reading it.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street