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Death Row

Death Row - William Bernhardt In Death Row, a food flavorist was sentenced for killing and torturing a family in the most gruesome way possible. Ben Kincaid was the defense lawyer in the case, but he couldn’t prevent his client from being sentenced to death row. The incriminating testimony came from the 15 year old girl who survived the massacre. Seven years later, the girl comes forward and admits that her testimony was coerced by the DA. Before she can testify, she is found dead of an apparent suicide, but Kincaid suspects foul play. This makes Kincaid and the detective originally on the case search for the real killer.

This was a fairly disappointing novel. The writing felt flat at times, and there was a general lack of believability in the plot. I had a hard time buying who the actual killer was and their motivation. It takes a lot not just to kill people but to torture them as well, and I wasn’t buying what the author was selling. This is not a book worth reading. I would recommend skipping this one.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street