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Wild Magic

Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce In the first book in this series, Daine, a 13 year old girl is capable of communicating with animals. Although this sounds interesting, the way the author handled it was more annoying than anything else. Daine is an orphan, who is trying to develop her skills while a war is going on. In her journeys, she becomes an apprentice to a mage, who helps her develop her magical skills. Using her skills, Daine senses new beings known as immortals trying to break into her world. Her and her friends now must fight these immortals and defend their world.

I liked the general concept of this novel, but there was also a lot not to like. For one is the dialogue, which I found to be subpar. Another is the characters, which generally speaking I didn’t find very appealing. At the top of the list is Daine herself, who comes off as whiny and not particularly interesting. The plot and action were pretty solid. This was only a so-so novel, not something that would get me excited about reading additional installments.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street