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Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era

Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era - Matthew Wayne Selznick Set in 1985, the story starts off with a declaration by Dr. Donner that there is a new race of super-powered beings that are coming out of the shadows and into society. Naturally, the government hasn’t reacted with open arms to the super-beings. Meanwhile, high school student Nate Charters is dealing with his own developing powers. He has ultra-fast reflexes, a high metabolism, and unusual appearance, which has made him an outcast in high school and a target of bullying. After this proclamation, everything changes for Nate as he is forced to register with his newly found powers. He is also finding answers about his deceased father, and dealing with a jock who has bullied him and now requests a strange, private meeting.

Although I generally enjoyed Brave Men Run because of the fast pace of the writing and strong characters, what held me back from thoroughly enjoying it is that it seems to be a bit of a rip-off of the X-Men and strongly borrows elements of the X-Men trilogy of movies. It lacked originality, and I could never get past the feeling that although the story is interesting, it’s still an X-Men wannabe. I would be interested in reading other books in this series to see how it progresses, but as of now I would only tentatively recommend reading this novel.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street