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The Cat Dancers

The Cat Dancers - P.T. Deutermann A cat dancer, as in the title of this novel, is a mountain climber who get as close as possible to take a snap shot of a mountain lion. It seemed that the author really wanted to write a novel that features these cat dancers, and built a story to incorporate it that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. Linking the plot to the cat dancers is a man who gets electrocuted in a homemade electric chair by vigilante killers. Lt. Cam Richter is investigating the case and winds up in the mountains of North Carolina in search of the vigilantes, where he has to put his mountain climbing skills to work.

There is a definite thrill component to the novel. Deuterman keeps the thrills and chills coming along. Unfortunately there are big plot holes and serious believability issues associated with the story. This makes the story an entertaining read, but not something that I would consider a real captivating novel.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street