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Double Tap

Double Tap - Steve Martini In Double Tap, attorney Paul Madriani represents a former Delta Force operative, Emiliano Ruiz, being accused of murder of a CEO of a high tech company. The CEO is a beautiful woman who he had an affair with, and her company develops software for the government. This software is being used by the government in an anti-terrorist effort. It does so by cyber snooping on anyone who goes on government websites. She was killed by two bullets delivered in double tap fashion, something that only a highly capable marksman like Ruiz would be capable of delivering.

I liked how prescient this novel was, going into areas like the government illegally snooping on private citizens, which has been in the news in recent days with the NSA scandal. Even though I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, the ones in this novel were right on the money. As far as legal thrillers go, this was well done. The client was behind the eight ball throughout the case, as the evidence stacked against him was pretty hard to overcome. Madriani showed good legal acumen as he navigated through the case. Ruiz comes off as sympathetic because it is pretty clear to the reader that he didn’t commit the murder and has a strong ethical code. This is one of the better legal thrillers I have read and would recommend it.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street