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Bloodstream - Tess Gerritsen Bloodstream has an interesting enough premise. Dr. Claire Elliot is a small town doctor who relocates to rural Maine with her son, Noah to shield him from big city violence. All is well in the town of Tranquility until one of Claire’s patients, a teen boy snaps in a very violent act. This is the first of many violent acts that the young people of Tranquility start to perpetrate. Claire investigates the situation and discovers that this sort of thing happens in Tranquility about twice a century, convincing her that this isn’t random, and something biological in nature is responsible.

Unfortunately the novel doesn’t live up to the billing. The plot has massive holes and towards the ends starts to devolve into something implausible and not particularly interesting. The writing is not up to par with other of Gerritsen’s work. This is one that I would recommend staying away from.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street