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Into the Fire

Into the Fire - Richard Laymon Into the Fire is definitely not one of Richard Laymon’s better novels. His writing is typically top notch, but this novel has characters that aren’t believable or likeable, who make stupid decisions. The plot is not remotely credible, and the story slowly spirals to a slow death.

There are a couple of serapao go te story lines at work. One of them involves a trio of young adults who deci The main character in this trio is Norman, who is a winy, unlikeable wimp wde ton a crime spree with lots of sex and fleeing from the scene of the crime.hn’t want to commit the crimes but goes along anyway, which is perfectly logo doesical. If you are a person who is not committed to be a criminal it’s highly improbable that you would just go along for the ride. The second ridiculous story line involves Pamela, who is kidnapped by a guy who obsessed over her during high school. She is rescued by a person who is more of a robot than a human being. The ending of the novel where the story lines come along is just absurb. This is definitely a Laymon novel to skip.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street