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Absolute Fear

Absolute Fear - Lisa Jackson There’s a lot going on in this novel, some good, some bad, some a bit confusing. In this novel Abby Chastain discovers she might have a long lost half-sister in Eve Renner. Eve’s father used to be the head of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Virtues Mental Hospital. Eve is nearly killed by a tattooed freak psychopath, and she suspects the killer is her boyfriend Cole Dennis, who was present when she was assaulted. People continue to get killed and conveniently enough Abby’s boyfriend Reuben Montoya is the lead detective on the case. The plot is a bit convoluted and sometimes messy.

I generally don’t like serial killer novels because they are so overdone and usually poorly executed. Absolute Fear is better than most that I have read. Having said that, the novel still has its flaws. The serial killer lacks believability and there are clear plot and logic holes laced throughout. However, there is enough intrigue to keep the novel going. I would tentatively recommend it, but with lowered expectations.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street