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The Power Broker

The Power Broker - Stephen W. Frey The Power Broker is a melodramatic, thoroughly unbelievable tale set in the financial world. Christian Gillette is the chairman of one of the most powerful private equity firms in the world. In this novel he is pitted against forces with even more power than him in the form of Samuel Hewitt and a former Black Panther leader. There are many subplots at play including getting licenses for Las Vegas casinos, getting players for his new NFL team, and an offer to become the vice-president of the black, democrat candidate for the presidency.

I am only willing to suspend my disbelief so far. Unfortunately this novel is so full of utter ridiculous nonsense and clichés that my disbelief was required to extend well past the Milky Way. Let me count the ways. A private equity firm cannot own an NFL franchise. Only individuals are allowed to own franchises. To think that they can shake down an NFL owner, who despite what would have to be immense wealth had no personal protection, to make favorable trades is laughable. Organized crime hasn’t run the Vegas casinos in about forty years. The Order, composed of rich, old money white males who have unlimited amounts of money, power, and influence is so utterly cliché. That Jesse Ford would select someone as a vice-president candidate with absolutely no political experience is a joke. That they would not thoroughly vet Gillette is an even bigger joke. The only thing entertaining about this novel was that it was so outlandish that it was entertaining. This is a book you will want to avoid.

Carl Alves – author of Reconquest: Mother Earth