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The Mercedes Coffin

The Mercedes Coffin - Faye Kellerman The novel starts off with billionaire Genoa Greeves approaching LAPD about investigating the fifteen year old murder of her old teacher shortly after a music producer was killed in the same manner as her teacher, shot and put into the trunk of a Mercedes. Since Greeves is generously donating to the police department, LAPD is catering to her wishes. Lieutenant Peter Decker is very reluctant to take on her case until someone that he speaks to about the case dies shortly thereafter. This puts Decker on alert that something is amiss here.

This was a solid but unspectacular novel. The plot is laid out in a fairly logical manner and the writing is competent and professional, but there is nothing about it that wows me. The dialogue is entertaining, but the mystery aspect to the novel is fairly mediocre. All in all this was an entertaining read, but not one that will resonate much longer after you read it.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street