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The 5th Witch

The 5th Witch - Graham Masterton The 5th Witch is a bit of a departure from some of Graham Masterton’s other work. It’s slick and stylish and highly engaging. The novel starts off with a group of crime czars attempting to take over Los Angeles with the aid of an ancient witch. She is aided by three other witches who support the crime lords in their quest to conquer the city. Standing opposed to them is Homicide detective Dan Fisher, and his neighbor Annie Conjure, who is a good witch. Dan is haunted by his wife who had died three years earlier. Dan faces a monumental challenge in taking on both the crime bosses and the witches.

This is a highly enjoyable, fast paced novel. Although it is ostensibly a horror novel, there are strong thriller elements to it as well. Graham Masterton weaves through both of these worlds with a high skill level. My only quibble was that Annie’s role in the story was telegraphed and pretty easy to see, so when the reveal came there was no real surprise to it. The story is well-plotted, well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend reading it.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street