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The Altman Code

The Altman Code - Robert Ludlum, Gayle Lynds The Altman Code is a fast-paced thriller, while written in the same vain as Robert Ludlum’s novels, the writing is actually better than much of Ludlum’s work. The novel starts off with an intriguing premise. When Covert-One agent Jon Smith goes to rendezvous with another agent in Taiwan to get a ship manifest implicating the Chinese of nefarious acts, the agent is killed, and the ship destroyed. Smith is left with a message from the agent that the President’s father, thought to be long dead, is alive and has been in a Chinese prison camp for the past fifty years.

In typical Ludlow fashion, conspiracies abound. There are all sorts of treachery at work. The novel fails because of the lack of believability in many aspects of the plot. There are things to like about this novel, and it is entertaining. If some of the plot holes could be tightened, then this could have been a very good novel instead of just a decent one.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street