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Gone - Jonathan Kellerman In Gone, acting students Dylan and Michaela go missing. When they are appear again, they are bruised after claiming to have been kidnapped. This kidnapping claims turns out to be a hoax. The duo of Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware come into the picture, Milo investigating and Delaware performing an evaluation of Michaela. Later Michaela turns up murdered, and the police immediately suspect Dylan. Naturally, Delaware gets involved in the search and aftermath as he often does.

Gone is one of the weaker efforts from Jonathan Kellerman in this series. The plot was implausible. The side characters weren’t especially likeable. The story tends to meander a bit. The main characters of Delaware and Sturgis are generally well drawn, which makes the story easier to sit through. All the same, unless you are hooked into this series, this is a novel that I would skip. There are far better novels out there to occupy your time.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street