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The Hunt Club

The Hunt Club - John Lescroart In The Hunt Club, John Lescroat starts off with a new series also set in San Francisco, this time featuring private investigator Wyatt Hunt and homicide detective Devin Juhle. Both have troubled pasts and are part of a group called The Hunt Club. They are investigating the murder of a federal judge and his young girlfriend. Hunt and Juhle complement each other in their investigational techniques. Hunt is unconventional and on the edge, while Juhle is analytical and has law enforcement resources at his disposal.

Lescroat does a solid job in this novel, which doesn’t come as a surprise, since he is a strong technical writer. The problem is that there is just nothing spectacular about it. It’s just all right, something to pass the time but there’s not enough there to get overly excited about. It’s the type of novel that you’ll completely forget about a year later.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street