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The Devil in Gray

The Devil in Gray - Graham Masterton The Devil in Gray is a gritty and visceral novel written by the master of horror Graham Masterton. In this novel, Decker Martin, a detective who lives on the edge and is at risk of falling off of it, mostly with his choice in women, faces an impossible case. People are dying in incredibly violent fashion with the killer seemingly appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. The only witness is a girl with Down’s syndrome. Meanwhile his dead former girlfriend is appearing to him as an apparition, warning him about the case that he is pursuing. All of this leads to practitioners of Santeria and the Civil War.

This is an enjoyable novel and certainly one that is well written. I don’t think Graham Masterton is capable of writing a bad novel. He’s just too good at his craft for such a thing. However, I don’t think this is quite at the same level as his other novels. There are a couple of plot holes and some slow points. All the same it is an enjoyable novel, one worth reading.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street