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The Kill Clause

The Kill Clause - Gregg Hurwitz In The Kill Clause, a group of ex-cops and others form a vigilante execution squad. They find where injustices have been performed and the perps that have been able to escape justice from the system, and execute their own justice. They recruit Tim Rackley, a county sheriff and former US Marshall and Special Forces operative who recently lost his own child in a homicide. Rackley agrees and begins to take out some of these targets. He’s disgusted by the Mastersons, a pair of brothers who are also part of the group, who seem to be doing this simply to satisfy their own blood lust. Rackley involves the kill clause, which dissolves the group, and then has to hunt down the Mastersons to stop them on their trail of murder.

This novel is fast pace and visceral, qualities that I enjoy. On the down side, I thought the writing was mediocre and the story line was a bit farfetched. It was enjoyable to a certain degree, but not a novel that is going to resonate long after you’ve read it. Although, I would recommend reading it, this isn’t exactly a great novel.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street