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Hundred-Dollar Baby

Hundred-Dollar Baby - Robert B. Parker Hundred Dollar Baby is much like the other Spenser novels that I have read. After reading a few of them, they fill into a familiar pattern. The novel is filled with deceit, humorous interchanges between Spenser and Hawk, and wise-guy interactions with the cops involved. These novels tend to be more style than substance, which make them enjoyable reads but not too deep. This novel fits into that pattern. April Kyle, who Spenser has a history with, saving her in a previous novel, turns to Spenser when mobsters are trying to muscle their way into a whorehouse that she runs. Before long, Spenser finds out that April isn’t exactly being truthful to him. Despite that, he rushes headfirst into the case, determined to get to the truth.

As I mentioned, this is an enjoyable novel. I enjoy Robert Parker’s Spenser character more than his other fictional characters. This novel has an easy going style that makes it a quick read. The plot isn’t the greatest out there, but it isn’t worse than other Spenser novels that I’ve read. Entertaining but unspectacular.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street