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The Syndicate

The Syndicate - Jon F. Merz If you’ve read the Dresden File novels by Jim Butcher, you’ll find the vampire who is the main character in this series a good bit different than Harry Dresden, and I would say in a good way. Whereas as Dresden is an overly flawed character, Lawson is not. He has more panache, and a better skill set combining military and spy tactics. In The Syndicate, the vampire organized crime faction has kidnapped one of Lawson’s relatives in order to lure him into working for them. Meanwhile, they are also trying to unleash a new, devastating synthetic drug on the population. Now Lawson has to stop the syndicate and rescue his relative.

Although I liked the Lawson character, the plot is simply weak. There is very little believability to the story, even with completely accepting a vampire mafia, and a vampire council living in the shadows. Most of the action is fairly ridiculous, and had me groaning. The writing is also a bit subpar. It’s a less than mediocre novel. If you’re not tied into this series, it’s one you’ll want to avoid.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street