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The Motive

The Motive - John Lescroart The Motive starts off with a fire at a Victorian house where a prominent San Francisco businessman and his girlfriend are killed, not from the fire, but from bullets to the head. The businessman turns out to be a friend of the mayor. When the case stalls, the mayor hands it over to Abe Glitsky. Meanwhile the deceased’s daughter-in-law hires Dismas Hardy to represent her. She happens to be an old flame of Dismis, something that brings tension between he and his wife. This starts a winding investigation that involves with the auto-towing industry.

The novel has many twists and turns along with a good bit of intrigue along the way. Glitsky and Hardy are ostensibly on opposite sides, but as expected they wind up teaming up. There was nothing earth-shattering about the plot or the characterization. It’s not a novel that will resonate long after you read it, but it fairly entertaining, and not a bad read.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street