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Triptych - Karin Slaughter Triptych trots out the tired and worn sub-genre of the serial killer. Based on their treatment in thriller fictions, one would think serial killers represent about a third of the country’s population. In this case the subject is a serial killer from Atlanta, who bites off the tongues of his victims. On the case is Will Trent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations who is working with local detective Michael Ormewood. Also involved in the case is Trent’s love interest undercover vice agent Angie Polaski. Their investigation leads them to an ex-con recently released from prison.

Although this isn’t one of my favorite sub-genres, Karin Slaughter does a nice job with this novel. It helps that she is quality professional writer, who showcases her talent in this novel. The book also doesn’t suffer from a ridiculously unbelievable villain that normally plagues thrillers. The novel has a good bit of tension and page-turning ability and generally moves along quite nicely. It’s not a great novel, but it is satisfyingly entertaining.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street