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Mind Prey

Mind Prey - John Sandford In Mind Prey, police chief Lucas Davenport is chasing down a killer who has just kidnapped psychiatrist Andi Manette and her two daughters. The kidnapper is John Mail, a former patient of Andi’s. Lucas must match wits with the highly intelligent killer, who is enacting violent sexual fantasies with her. As part of Lucas’s strategy, he uses a computer game company that he owns to draw out Mail, who is also a gamer.

As far as thrillers of this type, Mind Prey stacks up well against others of the genre. One of the things that usually destroys these types of books are ridiculous and unbelievable killers. Mail is better developed than your typical fiction thriller killer. The back and forth between Davenport and Mail is also solid. There’s nothing spectacular about this novel. Although it lacks a wow factor, it is a solid read.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street