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Other People's Heroes

Other People's Heroes - Blake M. Petit In his novel Other People’s Heroes, Blake Petit puts together an interesting premise. It’s a combination of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom run by a professional wrestling federation. In the world he created, in Siegel City, there is a cadre of superheroes and super villains except the heroes aren’t always good and the villains aren’t always bad. They play characters much like in pro wrestling with staged rumbles between the good guys and bad guys. Right off the bat, this is a cool concept, which definitely made me what to read more. Josh Corwood is a very ordinary guy who finds out by accident that he has superpowers. His is that he can replicate other people’s powers when in close proximity to them. He’s also a reporter, who when indoctrinated to what’s going on in Siegel City, wants to expose the scam. However, when he befriends some of the heroes, including Miss Sinista, he has a change of heart.

This novel has a very fast pace to it. There is little fluff, which I enjoyed since most novels tend to be overwritten. Petit employs a light style and humor, and never takes his story too seriously. The collection of superheroes in the novel is pretty cool. They don’t necessarily have the typical superpowers found in the Marvel and DC universes. I give Petit an A+ for originality. The writing is also good and the climax explosive. If I were to offer some criticism, the use of humor in spots seems forced and the idea of less is more should have been employed. Also, some of the action sequences, especially at the finale were a little hard to follow. All told, this was a fun novel that I recommend reading.

Carl Alves - author of Reconquest: Mother Earth