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Murder at Union Station

Murder at Union Station - Margaret Truman Murder at Union Station starts with the shooting of a mobster turned government informer at Union Station in Washington. Trying to meet him is Richard Marienthal, a writer who is penning a book about the mobster’s life. When Marienthal begins to dig into why his book subject was shot to death, he begins to find conspiracies leading to the White House and the old Soviet Union and Castro. In the process, Marienthal becomes a target of the killers and has to go on the run.
This novel is a solidly built mystery that is fairly well written. There is enough intrigue to keep the book moving. I also appreciated the brevity of the novel. There was nothing overly spellbinding or dynamic about the novel, and the characterization wasn’t especially strong. None of the characters are developed enough to be considered captivating, even the main ones. Still, the novel serves the purpose to entertain, and on that basis is worth reading.
Carl Alves – author of Blood Street