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Snow Blind

Snow Blind - P.J. Tracy Snowblind starts off with an interesting hook when two police officers are on hand for a snowman building contest, when the bodies of two dead police officers are found inside a couple of the snowmen. One of the detectives love-interests happens to be a big hacker type who belongs to a group called Monkeewrench, who solve crimes with their computer skills. Another cop winds up dead in a snowman in another county. This leads the Monkeewrench team into strange chat rooms, trying to uncover the killer.

This was an interesting novel, but nothing overly spectacular. Although the premise was good, the mystery component to the novel wasn’t as impressive. The Monkeewrench team weren’t very believable or well characterized. All the same, there was a good bit on tension in the novel and it moved at a decent pace. I would classify this novel as good but not great.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street