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Lost - Joy Fielding It is hard to like a book when none of the characters are likeable. That is the case in this book. Julia Carver is a beautiful, young, aspiring actress who disappears after trying out for a role in Toronto. She is self-centered, narcissistic, and has no redeemable characteristics. Her mother, Cindy, jumps off the handle, doesn’t think anything through, and is overall really annoying. None of the side characters are likeable either.

As if that wasn’t enough, this is a long, dull, uninteresting book. There are an overabundant amount of flashbacks that add nothing to the story. There is very little actually going on in the story, and most of what is written is superfluous and unnecessary. This is novel could easily be cut in half and not miss anything. I didn’t like much about this novel, and was just hoping that it would end soon. It was painful and not worth reading. This is a novel you will want to skip.

Carl Alves – author of Reconquest: Mother Earth