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After Death...

After Death... - Bentley Little, Steve Cameron, William Meikle, James S. Dorr, Steve Rasnic Tem, Simon Clark, Joe McKinney, John Langan, Lisa Morton, Christine Morgan, John M. Floyd, Josh Rountree, Robert B. Marcus Jr., Jonathan Shipley, Brad C. Hodson, David Tallerman, John Palisano, Jac After Death starts off with a cool premise, what happens after a person dies. Sometimes the stories occur immediately after death, sometimes it’s during a much longer time line. There is a mix of big name horror authors and lesser known ones, and overall a really good flow to the anthology. One of the things that I really enjoyed about the anthology was the short introductions that precede each of the stories. They were little nuggets of insight that added to the stories and were a nice touch. There were a variety of topics from the ferryman transporting the dead, to reincarnation, to purgatory, hell, heaven, and many places in between.

Like most anthologies, not all of the stories worked, but most of them were quite good. If I had to single out a few that I especially enjoyed, they would have to be “Someone to Remember” by Andrew S. Williams, which starts off the book on the right track; “The Resurrection Policy” by Lisa Morton, which I found to be crafty and creative; and “The Devil’s Backbone” by Larry Hodges, which I found to be well-conceived, well-executed, and well-written, my favorite in the anthology. There is a lot of good short fiction in this anthology, and it was impeccably edited. This is an anthology that I highly recommend.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street