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Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit - Scott Nicholson In Creative Spirit, a group of artists from a variety of fields are brought to a remote Appalachian retreat where they are staying at the Korban Manor. The manor is a place that has trapped numerous spirits over the years, all under the power of former master of the estate Ephram Korban, who has transcended his human body and stays alive inside of the manor. Now he wants to be made flesh once again and needs the help of the guests from the retreat. Parapsychologist Anna Galloway is dying of cancer and is led to the manor because she has dreams where she sees her own ghost at the manor. Meanwhile, Mason Jackson, a sculptor is using this retreat as a go-for-broke attempt to realize his dreams. Unbeknownst to him, Ephram Korban has more devious plans for him in an attempt to sculpt him back to life, while he plans on using Anna’s psychic power to accomplish his nefarious goals.

One of the things that I enjoy about Nicholson’s novels is how he makes use of setting. In this case, the remote part of the Appalachian Mountains in which the story takes place is a perfect setting. It delivers the right mood and atmosphere for what is to follow. The story is a bit complex and not always easy to follow, but things come together by the end of the novel, where the individual storylines are woven together in a fiery finale. This is an enjoyable novel that I would recommend.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street