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Possessions - James A. Moore Chris Corin is an eighteen year old kid who loses his mom in a car accident caused by a creature that doesn’t exist in this world. The creature is trying to get a necklace that his mother has but wasn’t wearing that day. Chris’s sister Brittany takes possession of the necklace. Brittany and her boyfriend are abducted by the creatures, which leads him to going to a house to retrieve them, where he finds them coated in a gel-casing. Meanwhile, there is a ritual taking place that will allow the creatures entry into our world permanently, leading to the possibility of all hell breaking loose.

There is some good and some bad in this novel. James Moore sets up the action well. I also enjoyed his depiction of the creatures. The climactic scene is well-developed, but the ending of the novel and its climax leave a little to be desired. I also didn’t feel that this novel was overly horrific, certainly nothing too scary about it. All together this was a solid read but not spectacular.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street