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Blood Canticle

Blood Canticle - Anne Rice In the Blood Canticle, Anne Rice decided to take all of her characters: vampires from the Vampire Chronicles, witches from the Mayfair Witches and Taltos, and throw them all together and see what happens. The end result is sometimes good, sometimes bad, but often times messy. The new Lestat, using new yet not quite updated language, narrates the novel. It brings in Rowan Mayfair, who he has a thing for, and Mona Mayfair, who he recently made into a vampire. They congregate in Blackwood Farms and after a very long-winded and tedious narrative, wind up in Haiti, where the Taltos were at.

As with many of Anne Rice’s later works, this novel is entirely too long with entirely too much fluff and useless information. Sometimes I get the impression that Anne Rice writes in order to impress herself with the beauty of her prose, which doesn’t exactly make for great reading. The novel isn’t all bad. Lestat is an enjoyable character and there was some decent action in this novel. It doesn’t stack up to her early Vampire Chronicle novels, but isn’t as bad as some of her recent work.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street