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Dead Time

Dead Time - Stephen White In Dead Time, Dr. Alan Gregory is trying to adjust to his new life with his newly adopted son, when his ex-wife turns up asking for Alan’s help in finding the woman who is supposed to be the surrogate mom for her. This disappearance is linked to a camping trip at the Grand Canyon that happened years earlier when another woman had gone missing. As what usually happens in these novels, Alan turns to his friend and detective Sam Purdy. They interview the participants of this camping trip and find that none of the people are willing to be helpful in the investigation.
I wasn’t a big fan of this novel. I found it to be quite convoluted. It was mostly just back and forth talking to different people, analyzing the information, and not a whole lot happening. There was also to much of Alan’s personal life injected into the novel, which really slowed the pace down. It was slow and plodding and the mystery was not terribly interesting. I’ve generally found Stephen White to be mediocre, and this novel is less than mediocre. This might be one you want to skip.
Carl Alves – author of Blood Street