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Floating Staircase

Floating Staircase - Ronald Malfi Haunted by the memories of his brother, who died young in a drowning accident that he holds himself responsible for, Travis Glasgow and his wife move into a house in which a boy drowned in a lake in an eerily similar way to his brother. Travis has never gotten over his brother’s death and now he is consumed with Elijah’s death. When Elijah’s ghost begins to appear to Travis, he becomes obsessed with unraveling the mystery of his death. In the process he butts head with his older brother, who was an investigating officer in Elijah’s death. All signs point to the boy’s uncle as the killer, and Travis recklessly endangers himself to finally bring Elijah some peace.

I am generally not a big fan of ghost stories, but Ronald Malfi has spun together a mesmerizing tale. Malfi is such a talented writer than he could make instructions on how to plant a flower a compelling read. In the end, the tale is more of a mystery than a ghost novel. The novel is well constructed and well plotted with clues along the way that fit the story well without giving the mystery away. The characters are strong and complex. There are no weak points to this novel. Its engrossing and enjoyable to read. Go out and get yourself a copy of Floating Staircase. You won’t be disappointed.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street