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Riverwatch - Joseph Nassise In Riverwatch, Jake Caruso and his construction crew, while performing construction on the old Blake mansion, come across a hidden tunnel. This piques Jake's interests, and he feels compelled to explore the tunnel, even beyond what is required as part of the job. They come across a stone chamber that had been covered for centuries. If you've read enough horror novels or watched enough horror movies, you know what comes next. In a tried and true trope, they unleash an ancient creature who begins to wreak havoc on the town of Harrington Falls.

There isn't anything overly original about Riverwatch. It's a plot line that has been done before, but nonetheless Joseph Nassise did an expert job on the execution. The writing is at a high level, done by a writer who exhibits nothing but professionalism and shows a high skill level. There is sufficient tension and suspense throughout, along with good horror elements that keep the story going without any lulls in the plot. The novel is well crafted and well worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street