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Healer - F. Paul Wilson In The Healer, a human, Steven Dalt, travelling to another planet finds himself in a cave, where an alien creature fuses to him forming a symbiotic relationship. Steven was an ordinary person with nothing fantastic about him, but once the alien attaches to him, he becomes this superhuman immortal. The alien creature has incredible knowledge and skills that Steven does not. On the other hand, Steven has the body the alien did not. He becomes The Healer, capable of healing almost anything, including himself. The story goes on for centuries across galaxies and eventually comes to a conclusion.

Although I found the book interesting and fairly well written, overall I wasn't too crazy about the novel. Mostly what I didn't care for was that there was no coherent plot. It skipped centuries and went from place to place, but it was hard to dig into. If you were to ask me what the central plot line was, I would be hard pressed to give an answer, because there was no real central plot. If there was a focus to the story, I think it would be more effective. As a result, my feelings about this novel was lukewarm at best.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street