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The Harvest

The Harvest - Scott Nicholson Set in the Appalachian mountains, The Harvest is a finely crafted piece of horror by a truly skilled writer. In the novel, a mysterious entity has landed in the mountains and it is devouring whatever it encounters. The story’s main protagonist, Tamara, has a form of ESP that she calls the Gloomies. The most interesting character is a cranky, old mountain man named Chester Mull, who drinks moonshine on his porch. Chester is the first to notice the severe changes that are taking place as the mountain begins to glow, then sees a friend of his who has metamorphasized into something that isn’t human.

Nicholson uses a wide-ranging cast of characters. One of the real strengths of this novel is not only the diversity of the characters but how true to life they appear. Another strong element to the novel is how Nicholson brings the setting into the foreground of the story. It’s crucial to the story. Not only does he do a good job in describing the setting, but he also uses setting to set the mood in the story. The horror elements are also well developed and used effectively in the story. The plot builds tension throughout the novel, and the cataclysmic finale really delivers. A fine horror novel that I would highly recommend reading.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street